Where Artistry Meets Exceptional Wine

Where Artistry Meets Exceptional Wine

Welcome to High Camp Wines, where craftsmanship meets artistic expression. In this blog post, we will delve into our latest vintage wine releases and uncover the stories behind their unique labels. Meet Spencer, one of our winemakers, whose passion for both wine and art is manifested in each and every bottle. Drawing on his talent as an artist, Spencer meticulously hand sketched the art for each label.  Transforming each bottle into a canvas that tells a unique story and bringing a visual representation to the wine. This wine release showcases wildlife from our vineyard! Our last collection's labels featured watercolors painted by Spencer which drew inspiration from the elevation of our land and 'colors' of the wines. 

High Camp Wines New Vintage Releases


2021 Old Vine Zinfandel:

Discover the history of High Camp Wine's 2021 Old Vine Zinfandel! Its rich, velvety texture reveals notes of sweet candy apple, black plum, cherry, and cinnamon. The label, an ode to heritage and nostalgia, draws inspiration from the original 1970’s plantings of High Camp (originally named Ranchita Canyon Vineyard). These 50 year old vines capture the true essence of a Paso style Zinfandel and pays respect to the region’s terroir. 

2021 Tres Coyotes:

The 2021 Tres Coyotes is a one of a kind blend, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Pfeffer. The label is influenced from the allure of coyotes that roam the rolling hills surrounding the estate. The trio of coyotes represented on the label symbolizes the harmony between the sun, moon, and earth, mirroring the balance that yields the wine's exceptional character. 

2021 Estate Cabernet Franc: 

This red wine showcases the perfect balance of complexity and elegance, with notes of dark stone fruit, forest floor, hints of leather, and earthiness. But what truly sets it apart is its label, inspired by nature's whimsical pairing of a hog and a roadrunner. Just as this unlikely duo surprises, so does the wine. The label's illustration reflects the wine's balance, reminding us to embrace the unexpected and discover beauty in the most unlikely places. 

2021 Estate Reserve: 

Introducing our 2021 Estate Reserve, a Bordeaux-inspired blend that embodies the essence of the creatures that inhabit the property. Each animal symbolizes a distinct quality expressed in every sip, delivering a symphony of taste that enchants the senses. 

2021 Petit Et Grand:

Discover our 2021 Petit Et Grand, a blend of our most concentrated fruits on the estate - Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot. With notes of blueberry, boysenberry, vanilla, baking spice, chocolate and earth, this blend surely captivates the senses. But there's more to this creation than meets the eye. Behind the label lies a small badger that calls the Petit Sirah Block 18 home. This mischievous creature, with its playful nature and tenacity, symbolizes the spirit of this wine - bold yet elegant, vibrant yet refined.  Just like the grapes, the badger is "Petit Et Grand"- small but big!

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